“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”
– Doug Larson

For too many parents, a diagnosis of autism is the first step on a long, confusing, lonely journey through a wasteland of abandoned dreams to a final dark destination devoid of hope. I have shared much of that journey with you my book with the hope that the things we learned and our mistakes might spare you and your family some pain.

Only a parent has the determination to keep attempting what is seemingly impossible. When you are in the thick of your own war against autism, it’s hard to keep going. Teaching our children every little thing they need to learn is sometimes too much. Just know if you are that tired, you are probably doing something right.

Recovery, and even the possibility of recovery sometimes seems distant. Yet, it happened for Ryan! His story is not unique and shows recovery is possible. There is nothing so special or miraculous about Ryan. There are many Ryans! The stories in this section of the website are from parents with children in different stages of recovery. I’m happy to say there were too many “Stories of Hope” to include them all. Please check in every once in a while. I will add new stories of hope.

Learn from these parents that you are not alone in your struggle. Instead of thinking, “Why can’t that be my kid?” or “My kid will never do that,” let these stories inspire you. When you worry about your child’s future and question if you will ever find a way off Autism Island, remember the times you caught a glimpse of the child who is in there and keep going. There were so many times I just wanted to give up. I want you to realize sooner than I did that what I dared to dream is actually possible.

As accomplished as Ryan is today, I was once right where you are now. On a particularly rough day, sometimes all you can do is pick yourself up off the floor and say, “I will try again tomorrow.” On a good day, don’t forget to pat yourselves on the back and say. “We did pretty well today.” We all must have HOPE to continue, and these stories will help you hang on.