Before my son Nate was potty trained, I would put him down for a nap—you know, the kind where they don’t actually seem to sleep. One day, after about an hour, I went into his bedroom to check on him and discovered that my son was a budding Picasso. Unfortunately, the medium he chose was poop, and his canvas—the freshly painted walls of his bedroom. After several incidents, I seriously contemplated duct taping the diaper to his butt. Fortunately, my husband came to the rescue by finding Onesies™ big enough to fit him and a snug pair of blue jeans.


NOTE FROM MARCIA HINDS – Megan and Ryan’s mom:

Ryan became an aerospace engineer, because he received proper medical treatment combined with behavioral, and educational interventions.  To preview my book, “I Know You’re In There – winning our war against autism”go to Amazon or my website  

All profits from the book go to autism research/treatments.


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