Only another parent can understand how much we love our children but how difficult living with autism is. Check out this 90 sec. clip of Ryan before and after intervention from the documentary Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery

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Check out the Five Star Amazon Customer Reviews to see how Ryan’s story has brought hope to the families still in the trenches looking for answers for this medical and complex neuroimmune condition we call “autism.”   Marcia’s powerful message that autism is medical and TREATABLE has been featured in the media and at autism conferences across the United States, including the prestigious AutismOne, Autism/West and Autism Intensive Summit. She delivers this message to anyone who will listen. Marcia believes it is essential for parents, behaviorists, educators and medical professional to work as a team so more children reach their full potential. Additional research will bring the answers that help more children improve. Marcia wants what happened for Ryan to become the norm rather than the exception.  

All profits from the sale of the book go to spread the word that “AUTISM IS TREATABLE!”