inside versus outside voices

Inside vs. Outside Voices!

by Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom Did you ever notice our kids usually talk too loud? The way I taught my son volume control was by saying in a whisper, “Sometimes we talk real soft like this.” Then I would yell in a loud voice, “And sometimes we talk loud like this.”…


Don’t Be So RASH About Autism!

By Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom Why do our kids sometimes get that rash (tiny looking pimples) on their cheeks, back, and sometimes the back of their arms or legs? Ryan used to have this until after we started the antifungal and antiviral medications to reduce the stress on his immune system.…

Theater was Great for Ryan

Theater Was Great For Ryan

by Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom I used to wonder why my son could go on stage and steal the show and yet couldn’t have a one-on-one conversation.  It soon made sense once I realized what he was supposed to say was scripted for him when he was in a play. Here’s…