no one should ever have to go to middle school

No One Should Ever Have To Go To Middle School By Ryan Hinds Marcia Hinds says… Middle school can be the hardest time for many kids. But for kids with autism or the ones who don’t quite fit, it can be horrendous. One of the mistakes I made was to keep Ryan in an awful situation. I should have homeschooled him during those difficult years. I could…

Why Can't I Be a Dad Just Like Everyone Else

Why Couldn’t I Just Be A Dad…Like Everyone Else?

By Frank Hinds – Ryan’s Dad I’ve never been an emotional person. I’m a linear, logical, place-for-everything-and-everything in-its-place kind of guy. That served me well throughout Navy ROTC, flight school, and commercial aviation. To say I was ill-equipped to deal with Ryan’s autism may be the understatement of my life. Dealing with autism is…

Changing the World for our Children Keeps Them on Autism Island Longer

Changing The World For Our Children Keeps Them On Autism Island Longer

by Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom Our family’s orientation to the world changed with Ryan’s autism. Our new normal would have been anyone else’s nightmare. We never seemed to realize how bad the situation had become. We were simply too busy trying to survive to do anything else. We already became desensitized…

Why do Kids with Autism Act Out and are Sometimes Aggressive

Why Do Kids With Autism Act Out And Are Sometimes Aggressive?

by Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom Many of our children are extremely intelligent, even though it is sometimes hard to recognize because of their communication issues. It may look like the lights are on and nobody is home, but usually that is far from the truth. They are IN THERE and hearing every…