ALONE there is little we can do about autism
TOGETHER we will be unstoppable!

I wish we would stop calling it autism and instead call it what it really is a messed up immune system. The autism experts we went to said my son would need to be institutionalized. They were wrong, because they didn't know autism is medical and treatable. Today my son, Ryan, is an engineer at a major aerospace company. My book is the roadmap we used to help him. You can read the first four chapters on Amazon or on this Website. All profits from the book go to new treatments and research. If you email me at, I will send you the doctors from your area and the interventions that helped my son the most. Remember to include where you are located.

I am so glad we are now connected. You are no longer alone on autism island and I will be here to help your family any way I can. We can talk by phone any day after 8 am pacific time at 805 796-8213. I never charge for helping families, I just want all kids to have what my son now has. And never believe anyone who says your child can’t get better. Recently one of the kids I helped from New York, started speaking for the first time at age five after he started the antifungal medication and he even told his mom I LOVE YOU!

Autism is TREATABLE!

Here is a 90 sec. clip of Ryan before and after intervention from the documentary Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery

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Autism is MEDICAL!

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Marcia on KCAL 9 News

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This is Ryan on the cover of the Autism Eye Magazine

Marcia and Dara Talk About Autism Recovery

Every Choice Counts Podcast with host, Dara Berger and Special Guest Marcia Hinds, author of "I Know You're In There: Winning Our War Against Autism"

Your Child Was Just Diagnosed... Now What?

Hearing that your child has autism is frightening and overwhelming. The social isolation, stress and anxiety that comes with the diagnosis can be paralyzing. We don’t know which professionals to believe or what information is credible. I was once was where you are now. I didn’t know my son could get better. The "experts" told us that Ryan would need to be institutionalized and said that...

there was NO recovery...there was NO cure...there was NO hope.

Ryan's autism diagnosis ripped away every dream my husband and I had for our child. Our son was stranded on Autism Island, and our family was stuck there with him.

We must NOT accept the “myths” that come with an autism diagnosis. 

My son now does everything the “experts” said he would never be able to do. Today Ryan is an engineer at a major aerospace company. He travels, surfs, and goes to sporting events with his friends. Ryan owns his own home. If you had told me any of this could be possible when my son was still that weird little kid in middle school I wouldn’t have believed you. This is the same kid who was not invited to a single birthday party when he was in elementary school.

There IS hope… it IS possible to have a different outcome for children with autism!

My book I Know You’re in There—Winning Our War Against Autism will help you RETHINK autism and show you how to fight back. (Preview Ryan's story on Amazon or at Segments of the book are written by every member of our family including Ryan himself. All profits from my book go to autism causes.

Although it has been over twenty-five years since Ryan was diagnosed, the general public and many doctors don’t realize that that what we call “autism spectrum disorder" (ASD) is actually a neuroimmune condition that results, in most part, from a compromised/dysregulated immune system. Many pediatricians still believe that behavioral interventions are the only treatment for children with autism, ADHD, ADD, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Autism IS medical and TREATABLE!

When we help our children regain their health and we can reduce the "total load" on their broken immune systems, that’s when children improve and they can learn what they couldn't before. Only a warrior parent has the determination, stamina and commitment to take on the seemingly insurmountable task of recovery. We are the ones who will keep working at this in spite of how exhausted or discouraged we feel.

Recovery is never easy. But you can do this and I will be here to help. I never charge for anything I do. I just want your kids to have what my son now has. Contact me if you need help finding a doctor or if I can answer any questions.

Autism may not come with a manual, but when a family never gives up remarkable things can happen. Let’s work together to come up with a plan to help the child you know is in there. And God help anyone who gets in our way!



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