Autism is TREATABLE!

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Your Child Was Just Diagnosed... Now What?

Hearing that your child has autism is frightening and overwhelming. The social isolation, stress and anxiety can be paralyzing. We don’t know which professionals to believe or what information is credible. I was once was where you are now. I didn’t know my son could get better. The "experts" told us that Ryan would need to be institutionalized and said that...

There was NO recovery...there was NO cure...there was NO hope.

Ryan's autism diagnosis ripped away every dream my husband and I had for our child. Our son was stranded on Autism Island, and our family was stuck there with him. Only another parent can understand how much we love our children but how difficult living with autism can be. We must NOT accept the “myths” that come with an autism diagnosis.

There IS hope… it IS possible to have a different outcome for children with autism!

Today Ryan is an engineer at a major aerospace company. And what I wanted most for him actually happened. Ryan travels, surfs, and goes to sporting events with his friends. He owns his own home. Ryan now does everything the “experts” said he would never be able to do. This is the same kid who was not invited to a single birthday party when he was in elementary school.

Although it has been over twenty-five years since Ryan was diagnosed, the general public and many doctors still don’t realize that that what we call “autism spectrum disorder" (ASD) is actually a neuroimmune condition that results, in most part, from a compromised/dysregulated immune system. When we help our children regain their health and reduce the "total load" on their broken immune systems, they can learn what they couldn't before.

Autism IS medical and TREATABLE!

Many pediatricians still believe that behavioral interventions are the only treatment for children with autism, ADHD, ADD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. They were taught in medical school that children on the spectrum have a developmental disorder. These physicians don't know what you are talking about when you ask about medical interventions for autism. This is what we must change.

My book I Know You’re in There—Winning Our War Against Autism will help you RETHINK autism and show you how to fight to help your child. (Preview it on Amazon or at Segments of the book are written by every member of our family including Ryan himself. All profits from my book go to autism causes. When medical conditions are treated in conjunction with intensive behavioral and educational rehabilitation, children improve and recovery becomes possible.

My most important credential is that I’m Ryan's and Megan’s mom and our family survived autism. Even so, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I fought doctors when they were right. I also went along with too many snake oil salesmen trying to sell us the "cure of the week." But the one thing I did right was to never give up no matter how difficult things got. Please learn from our struggles, but don't take my book as a blueprint for what your child needs medically or otherwise.

If you are expecting a story about a simple, straightforward pathway back to "normal," I Know You're In There isn't the book for you. There is no magic pill for our children. Trust me, I looked everywhere for it. Autism is complicated. This is not an easy fix and it takes many things combined to help our kids get better. If an intervention sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But if you know the truth about autism and treat it medically, all kids improve and some like Ryan can fully recover.

There are no guarantees your child will get better no matter how hard you work at this. Some kids have immune systems that are too broken to fix with current medical treatments. But with more research and trained doctors we can change outcomes. We must find the answers to help more kids and make what happened for Ryan become the norm rather than the exception.

Only a warrior parent has the determination, stamina and commitment to take on the seemingly insurmountable task of recovery. We are the ones who will keep working at this in spite of how exhausted or discouraged we feel. I will be here for your family, and I never charge for anything I do. I just want your kids to have what my son now has. Contact me if you need help finding a doctor or if I can answer any questions.

Autism may not come with a manual, but when a family never gives up remarkable things can happen. Let’s work together to come up with a plan to help the child you know is in there.

You are "the expert" on your children, and you know them best. You can do this! Your children will not come out of this by themselves, you have to go in there and get them. So roll up your sleeves, trust your instincts and do what needs to be done. And God help anyone who gets in your way!

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