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About Marcia and “I Know You’re In There”

Marcia wrote I Know You’re In There: Winning Our War Against Autism. This inspirational book is the story of her son’s recovery. The “experts” said Ryan would need to be institutionalized. But they were wrong. Ryan is now an engineer at a major aerospace company. Ryan’s recovery was not miraculous. It was the result of receiving proper medical care. Marcia’s shares their story of hope as only a mother can and will make you RETHINK Autism. An autism diagnosis no longer has to mean “game over.” When a child’s health can be restored by treating hidden viruses and infections, then recovery becomes possible.

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Here’s the story you haven’t heard:

Children are recovering from autism, and yet the general public and most doctors are unaware that this is even possible. Marcia wants to change that. Ryan’s mother is a motivational speaker and DIY autism parent. Her powerful message has been featured at Autism Conferences across the United States. Marcia holds a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). She is a credentialed K-12 teacher. But Marcia’s most impressive credential is that she is Ryan’s mom and their family triumphed over autism.

Ironically, Ryan’s parents worked as behavior therapists under Dr. Ivar Lovass as undergraduates at UCLA. They used Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with children on the spectrum before all the research about its effectiveness was documented. That training came in handy when Ryan came along almost fifteen years later, and their lives changed forever!

About the book:

I Know You’re In There – Winning Our War Against Autism is the true account of a family’s triumph over autism. Ryan’s parents realized something was not right with their son. They knew it before the psychiatrist predicted Ryan would end up in an institution. The autism diagnosis ripped away every dream these parents had for their child. Ryan was stranded on Autism Island and his family was stuck there with him.

There was no recovery from autism. There was no cure.
There was no hope…Or was there?

Ryan’s story shows what is possible when a child’s medical conditions are treated in conjunction with intensive behavioral and educational rehabilitation. Segments of the book are written by every member of the family including Ryan himself. His family never gave up on him, because sometimes they caught a glimpse of the kid they knew was in there.

There is hope… it is possible to have a different outcome for children with autism.

Many families are still told there is nothing much they can do to change the future outcome for their children. Ryan’s story provides encouragement and concrete solutions for this complex neuroimmune medical condition we call autism.



This is Ryan on the cover of the Autism Eye Magazine. In the article he wrote for them, he said…

“Some people think we should just accept autism. And that if a child is treated, it changes who that kid is. I am still the same person I was, only now I’m happy and can enjoy life. It is hard to understand that children are not receiving proper medical treatment because some people think we should celebrate autism. When doctors believe the medical issues associated with autism are just part of a “developmental disorder” children are not treated for the same medical conditions as every other kid. Is that really okay?” (You can see his picture on the cover and read his entire article here.)

Ryan will make you laugh when you read why he thinks his mom needs a little behavior therapy. This magazine was distributed to the tens of thousands of people who attended the Autism Show in the United Kingdom.

Marcia changes the face of autism with her article in the Autism File Magazine called “Shattering Myths.” Click here to read it.

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Motivational Speaking

Marcia’s powerful message has been featured at autism conferences across the United States, including the prestigious AutismOne, Autism/West, and the Autism Intensive Summit. Marcia’s has served as an expert on recovery on various panel discussions. She delivers the message that “Autism is TREATABLE” to anyone who will listen. This includes doctors, autism organizations, schools, and parent support groups.

Marcia believes it is essential for parents, behaviorists, educators, and medical professionals to work as a team to help more kids get better. And that additional research is needed to bring answers to help more kids. Marcia wants what happened for Ryan to become the norm rather than the exception.

All profits from the sale of the book go to spread the word that “AUTISM IS TREATABLE!”

Possible Talking Points and Questions about Autism

1. Why did you write “I Know You’re In There – winning our war against autism?”

2. What did Ryan’s autism look like? When did you realize there was a problem?

3. Tell me about when Ryan was first diagnosed. What did the psychiatrist say?

4. Is there a cure for autism? Is Ryan cured?

5. In the book you said that multiple interventions are needed to help kids recover? Why? And what interventions did you use?

6. What is the hardest thing about living with autism?

7. How did Ryan’s autism affect his sister? What did you do about that?

8. How did it affect your marriage and your relationship with your husband? How can couples hold it together with all the stress autism brings?

9. When did you know Ryan was going to be okay? Is there a cure for autism? Is Ryan cured?

10. Why don’t more doctors treat autism medically?

11. Why do you think there is more autism now? Is it because of better diagnostic techniques?

12. What do you wish you had known about autism in the beginning?

13. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to a parent who just received an autism diagnosis? What do you want them to know?

14. Should parents tell others that their child has autism?

15. Are there other books you recommend to parents to read?



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What The Experts Are Saying About I Know You’re In There

Dr. Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School neurologist, researcher, clinician and author of The Autism Revolution says:

“I Know You’re In There shows that autism is not a hardwired impairment stamped into the brain by the child’s genes and destined to remain fixed forever, as we’re often told. Instead, it is the TOTAL LOAD of challenges to a child’s whole system that overloads the brain and causes the behaviors associated with autism. Even a few treatments that reduce the load and increase supports can make a huge difference. Ryan’s recovery is a testimony to this approach.

Dr. Victoria L. Falcone, DO, Falcone Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine says:

I Know You’re In There should be given to every family when they receive an autism diagnosis. This book will help parents understand the importance of digging deep to identify possible underlying immune dysfunction rather than just accepting therapy alone as the only option for improving development. More importantly Ryan’s story should serve as a source of encouragement to families struggling to manage daily life as they navigate the challenges of this complex disease process. The title is perfect. If you know your child is In There, use this book to inspire you in the hardest of times to never, ever give up hope that you can find a path to recovery.”

Dr. Rosario Trifiletti, MD, PhD, Pediatric Neurologist, PANDAS/PANS expert says:

“This book will give you HOPE! I couldn’t put it down. Ryan’s story of diagnosis and recovery illustrates that there is a medical basis for most, if not all, cases of autism. Today, powerful technologies are available which can help doctors make a more accurate and timely diagnosis of this medical basis. If there is one message in this book it is never give up trying!”

Dr. Melinda Borrello Sharma, PhD Director of Autism Spectrum GPS, LLC says:

“This book is a MUST read for any family struggling with autism. As an immunologist, my intuition said my son’s dysfunctional immune system was at the core of his illness. Marcia’s experience correcting Ryan’s immune system and recovering the whole child is shared openly and honestly in this book. The Hinds family could have taken the easy path, walked away from Autism and moved on with their life. Instead of letting others figure it out for themselves, Ryan’s story will inspire and inform crucial medical and educational decisions. This unique book offers the hope and tenacity parents need to find the answers for their children in the midst of a journey that is turbulent and not linear. Hope is contagious. Now that we know what is possible, we must never give up on recovery.”

Dr. Sidney McDonald Baker, MD, Founder of says:

“After reading Ryan’s story, parents will realize there is hope and recovery is possible. This book shows the medical treatment is different and individual for every child. I Know You’re In There helps the reader understand that medicine alone is not enough. We must use a child’s interests and strengths to help them overcome autism.”

Dr. Stephen Edelson, Director of the Autism Research Institute (ARI) says:

“Marcia Hinds provides a detailed case history of how her child responded positively to various treatment interventions, many of which are not yet considered evidenced-based by the scientific community. I truly hope this book will inspire researchers worldwide to study these interventions. Once validated, these treatments will likely become accepted by the autism and medical communities and covered by health insurance companies.”

Mindi Fischer Polenz, BCBA, MSc SLT, Director of Behavior Intervention Group (BIG) says:

“When I first met Ryan around age five, he was disengaged and had significant social and communication problems. While Ryan’s deficits were extensive, he made remarkable progress after we implemented the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program designed to specifically meet his needs. I feel fortunate and proud to have been a part of his amazing success and continue to be inspired by him and his family’s relentless dedication that lead to his recovery.”



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