Interviews with Marcia

Marcia on KCAL 9

Marcia is interviewed by Amber Lee on KCAL 9 about her book I Know You’re In There that tells the story of Ryan’s journey from his Autism diagnosis to recovery.

Marcia on Autism Live

Marcia talks openly with autism moms, Shannon Penrod and Nancy Alspaugh Jackson, about the difficulty of raising a child with autism.

Marcia On Late Night Health with Mark Alyn

Mark Alyn and Marcia talk about what Ryan’s autism looked like before he was diagnosed. They also discuss the stress autism puts on the entire family and what they did to help Ryan recover to become the successful young man he is today.

Shawn Seigal talks to Marcia

Marcia discusses her book, I Know You’re In There – Winning Our War Against Autism, describing the onset and diagnosis of autism in her son, and the treatments and therapies used to recover him from the diagnosis. As always, the healing began with the parent’s absolute refusal to surrender.

Autism with Andy McCabe

Andy McCabe has his Psy.D. in Applied Psychology from Rutgers University and is a full time professor. He has presented stress management and self improvement programs for the U.S. Navy, hospitals, police organizations, educational institutions and major corporations.

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