by Ryan and Megan’s Mom

Just getting Ryan to take the medications at the beginning of his medical treatment was a major accomplishment. He was still too young to swallow pills and some of the medications only came in adult sizes. I tried what seemed like a hundred different ways to solve this problem. Mary Poppins finally provided the solution to my dilemma. She was absolutely right when she said, ” A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”  So this is what to do:

  1. Break or crush the pills into small pieces. (Your pharmacy has devices to help with this.)
  2. Next put this concoction on a spoon, surrounded with a non-dairy frozen dessert, like sorbet.
  3. After your child swallows the sorbet, quickly follow that with a water chaser.

When medications are given with a cold substance, it helps cover up the bad tastes.  As Ryan got older, I reduced the amount of dessert camouflage. Eventually, he learned how to swallow pills without the sorbet. That was a big day in our house and we celebrated accordingly.

Back then, Ryan was on a low sugar diet.  I simultaneously helped him with medication and hurt him by using sugar to do it. This created yeast guilt for me. But I shouldn’t have worried so much about everything back then. In reality, the amount of sugar was not enough to make a difference. The benefits of the medication more than made up for any adverse effects from the sugar.  And like Mary Poppins said “Just a spoonful of sugar helped the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!”

NOTE FROM MARCIA HINDS – Megan and Ryan’s mom:

Ryan became an aerospace engineer, because he received proper medical treatment combined with behavioral, and educational interventions.  To preview my book, “I Know You’re In There – winning our war against autism”go to Amazon or my website

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