By Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom

Check out this Facebook story that went viral. It is the perfect example of how we can impact the lives of others by the ordinary things we do. Helping someone else, always helps me. And I know it will help you too! Us “warrior parents” need relief from that dark place that we visit regularly, because of our children’s diagnosis, (if even for a short time).  None of us are really strangers and there truly are angels among us.

The REAL MAN who helped this mom on the airplane is a real-life “George Bailey.” George is the fictional character from my favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” And it’s kind of ironic that a “Christmas” movie had such a profound effect on this nice “Jewish” girl.

When you have a kid with autism, life is hard. And we sometimes question why this happened to our family and why we are here when it all seems so difficult and overwhelming. But just like George Bailey, we all touch others and can change lives with the very ordinary things we do! Doing something nice for someone else, always helped me.  And I know it will help you too!

So try to make a difference in one person’s life every day. You don’t have to do anything big. It can be as simple as noticing the great smile of the cashier in the grocery store or saying something nice to a former stranger when you open the door for them. I was inspired by the kind people I met by reading the comment section that came with this video.


NOTE FROM MARCIA HINDS – Megan and Ryan’s mom:

Ryan became an aerospace engineer, because he received proper medical treatment combined with behavioral, and educational interventions.  To preview my book, “I Know You’re In There – winning our war against autism”go to Amazon or my website

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