Is recovery from autism possible?

Autism is medical and TREATABLE! Here is a 90 sec video clip about Ryan’s recovery.

"Ryan’s recovery was not miraculous. It was the result of having his medical illness treated. His family persisted in looking for answers until they found a doctor who would do just that. Maybe that was the miracle."
~ Dr. Bruce L Russell, MD

"Autism doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a parent who never gives up. YOU CAN DO IT!"
~ Dr. Melinda Sharma, PhD
Autism Spectrum GPS

Marcia Hinds shares her story of hope, as only a mother can, in her book I Know You're In There - Winning Our War Against Autism. The "experts" said Ryan would need to be institutionalized. But they were wrong. Ryan is now an engineer at a major aerospace company. His recovery was not miraculous. It was the result of receiving proper medical care.

I Know You're In There is the true account of one family's triumph over autism. Marcia's inspirational book chronicles what Ryan's family did to help him. This book tells their story in a way that is heartwarming, heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious.

...Ryan's parents knew something was not right with their son. They knew it even before the psychiatrist predicted Ryan would end up in an institution. That autism diagnosis ripped away every dream his parents had for his future. Ryan was stranded on "Autism Island" and his family was stuck there with him.

They were told...there was no recovery from autism...there was no cure...there was no hope.

Or was there?

Ryan's story shows what is possible when a child's medical conditions are treated in conjunction with intensive behavioral and educational rehabilitation. Segments of the book are written by every member of the family including Ryan himself. His family wouldn't give up on him, because sometimes they caught a glimpse of the kid they knew was in there.

Although it has been over twenty years since Ryan was diagnosed, it still isn't common knowledge that autism is medical. Children are recovering from autism, and yet, the general public and most doctors are unaware this is possible. When doctors believe autism is a "developmental disorder" and nothing can be done, children are not treated for the same medical conditions as other kids. But an autism diagnosis no longer has to mean "game over."

There is hope… it is possible to have a different outcome for children with autism.

What we call "autism" is actually a neuroimmune condition that results in most part from a compromised/dysregulated immune system. When a child's health can be restored by treating hidden viruses and infections, children improve and full recovery becomes possible.

Marcia's powerful message that autism is medical and TREATABLE has been featured at autism conferences across the United States. But Marcia's most impressive credential is that she is Ryan's mother and their family survived autism. Ryan's story makes you RETHINK autism and brings hope and inspiration to families still looking for answers.

This is Ryan on the cover of the Autism Eye Magazine

Click here to read Ryan's article

"Some people think we should just accept autism. And that if a child is treated, it changes who that kid is. I am still the same person I was, only now I’m happy and can enjoy life. It is hard to understand that children are not receiving proper medical treatment because some people think we should celebrate autism. When doctors believe the medical issues associated with autism are just part of a “developmental disorder” children are not treated for the same medical conditions as every other kid. Is that really okay? "   ~ Ryan Hinds Autism Eye Magazine
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